Future technology For Children: Gobug Toy Interactive


Primarily developed keeping in mind the void created by Autism Spectrum Disorder in children, Gobug is an interactive toy designed to trigger social learning experience among individuals of all ages.


However, if one user points the controller straight to the left, and the other points straight ahead, the Gobug will move at a forty-five degree angle (the intermediate direction). The more in sync the controllers are, in the same pointed direction, the faster Gobug moves.


These controllers work in conjunction; each user points his/her remote in a direction, and the Gobug moves in the combined direction of the active controllers. For example, if there are two users and each has the controller pointed straight ahead, the Gobug will go straight ahead.

Gobug is designed to move around on a ground surface at the control of the users. Up to two or three children can play with the toy simultaneously. Each user takes ownership of one controller.




Additionally, when the children’s controllers are pointed in similar direction, the Gobug will actually go faster (a form of positive feedback for good performance). Thus, the user is constantly informed about his participation in play and is also given incentives to communicate with the other user(s).


Gobug won’t activate unless two or more controllers are in-hand. Gobug also provides a few feedback features; the user is rewarded or informed for correct or incorrect play. The children are rewarded for good teamwork. When users have their remotes pointed in similar directions, one can assume they are correctly “reading” verbal or non-verbal cues from each other and working together. Each controller has a color ribbon running across the top. When the users’ controllers are pointed in similar directions, the color ribbon turns green. If the children’s remotes are pointed in opposite directions, for example, the ribbon will turn red.

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